3 Reasons to Conduct Your Organization's Training Off-Site

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  • 3 Reasons to Conduct Your Organization’s Training Off-Site

As you consider your organization’s training needs, here are three reasons to consider training at an off-site location:

1) Environment – When training on-site, many employers “make do” with what they have. If you are tired of dragging chairs into an already-crowded conference room, sitting a little too close to your colleagues, and using technology that is designed for other purposes, this may sound familiar. When you select an outside location or vendor, you can expect an environment that is designed for training. It will contain the correct seating, technology, and an ambiance that supports learning.

2) Focus – Have you noticed how difficult it can be to accomplish work when you are…at work? Constant interruptions and distractions can take us away from training, and we may leave class to address a relatively minor issue. Putting a little distance between you and the office can separate minor issues from true emergencies and keep you focused on learning.

3) Value – When you protect your training classes by designating uninterrupted time and space to them, you send the message that you value learning and care about developing your team. You aren’t just checking a box.

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