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How do you get in front of visitors to check out your business? Where are they looking? If you are lucky to have a marketing person, then they will understand that their day-to-day job is tough to try and break through the noise of advertising to bring in more business. Once travelers decide to spend their vacation in the Vail Valley, they begin to plan their trip and look into lodging, activities, restaurants and ways to have a genuine mountain experience via online search engines and Visitor’s Guides.

The most used search engine in the world is, you know the answer, Google (YouTube is second). And, did you know that Google loves chambers like Vail Valley Partnership? Why is that? Google places chambers high in their search results because our legitimate business links are utilized often and they are not click bait. When our members post onto and, Google places their information high in the search results.

So what does this mean for VVP members? Increase your SEO and get in front of visitors by posting your event or visitor information on! Each VVP member – except for Community Level Members – has a username for the Member Login Portal at the bottom of You can post your events, press releases, blog entries, top things to do and update your business directory on and at the same time! You can even duplicate your posts and events now by clicking the clone button.

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