Statement from the I-70 Coalition

Statement from the I-70 Coalition

June 1, 2018

The report issued today by the Denver and Colorado Olympic and Paralympic Exploratory Committee makes clear that I-70 is one of the major considerations associated with a potential Olympic games.

As noted by CDOT, I-70 is capable of meeting the transportation needs related to hosting a Winter Games.

At the same time, the report also makes clear that Coloradans view the I-70 mountain corridor not only as a major challenge in its current, congested state, but also as a potential legacy project that could bring lasting improvements to the region. Moreover, residents throughout the mountain corridor and in the Denver metro area made clear the need for innovative, multimodal, public transportation improvements to reduce congestion, should voters proceed with a bid for the Olympics.

Multi-modal improvements are precisely what the 2011 Record of Decision (ROD), otherwise known as the plan for I-70, calls for. This plan calls for both highway improvements and high-speed transit in the corridor. Both are needed to meet the long-term needs of improving transportation on this critically important interstate.

Colorado has a plan for fixing I-70 in the mountain corridor. A potential Olympic bid presents a tremendous opportunity to move forward with that plan and solve one of Colorado’s most difficult transportation problems.

Margaret Bowes
I-70 Coalition