Kids can Discover Unique Organisms with Dissection Investigation!

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  • Kids can Discover Unique Organisms with Dissection Investigation!

Bring hands-on, investigatory learning to your children through dissection! Join Walking Mountains Science Center on Saturday, March 10 th from 2:00-4:00 pm to interact with organisms in a new and dynamic way. While conducting two different dissections, participants will develop their observation and comparison skills by noting the differences and similarities between vertebrates and invertebrates. First by conducting and recording exterior observations, then by dissecting and identifying internal components, students will see first-hand the complexity of life.

Families have the opportunity to discover the structures and processes that make organisms unique during an afternoon of investigative dissection. Target ages 2nd-5th grades. This is not a drop-off program.  Guardian participation is required.

There are many surgeons who say that they first discovered their life’s passion standing over a dissected frog in a middle or high school biology class. In dissecting an animal, students see, touch, and explore the various organs in the body. Seeing these organs and understanding how they work within a single animal allows students to understand how these systems work within many other animals, including themselves. While there are various aspects that may differ between humans and other animals, many of the organ systems in complex animals work in similar ways to those of humans.

In addition to learning about themselves, students can learn about ecology and evolution through dissection. Certain body structures and adaptations can be seen in the animal that illustrate how they evolved over time and how they fill particular niches in the ecosystems they belong to.

We recognize the role that respect for life and the environment play in biology education, which is why only humane and socially acceptable methods of collection were sourced for the specimens we use. Walking Mountains Science Center selects suppliers that are in strict accordance with all government guidelines and regulations, and that have all necessary permits for obtaining, processing and transporting specimens. Endangered, threatened and protected wildlife will never be purchased for use.

When: Saturday, March 10th | 2:00 pm-4:00 pm
Where: Walking Mountains Science Center, Avon CO
Cost: $10/child, registration required, click here to register.


Please contact Kaitlyn Merriman, Community Programs Coordinator, at with any questions.