Vail Brewing Company Can Campaign

Vail Brewing Company released their Crowdfunding Campaign on the Indiegogo website Oct. 24th. This campaign is a 60 day campaign that will run through December 24, 2015.

The Canning Crowdfunding Campaign intent is to raise enough money through contributors or “Backers,” so that Vail Brewing Company (VBC) will have the ability to manufacture their beer into 6-pack cans. This will allow VBC to distribute their 6-pack cans to local consumers and retailers, making their beer more accessible.

Within the Indiegogo page, you can view VBC’s entire campaign and video that explains their intentions. With each contribution to their fundraising, every Backer has the option to donate a variety of dollar amounts and will receive different level of perks for their contributions. Contributors also have the option to donate funds that are not perk related.

As you know, the Vail Brewing Company taproom has a mountain industrial aesthetic and typifies the Colorado high country lifestyle. It’s the perfect venue for people visiting the state or those that live here and appreciate this state’s unique vibe. They frequently receive compliments on the acoustics during our weekly concerts and there’s room for everything from enjoying a beer at the bar to an intimate dance floor. Great for wedding receptions, birthday parties, or corporate gatherings. With some of their perks, contributors can reserve the brewery for personal use. This is just one of many great perks offered within the campaign.

There are three ways you can help Vail Brewing Company’s Cause.

  1. Contribute – even small contributions raise our popularity and give them more visibility on the site.
  2. Post to Facebook/Your website – in the end, the more people the hear about them, the more likely they will meet our target.
  3. Share this Campaign with all of your friends, contacts, or influence personnel.

Please visit their campaign site at:

Check out their video here:

Thank you for your time. Any amount of donation helps.