Vail Valley Trail Connection

Vail Valley Trail Connection founded to improve the Vail Valley’s soft trail network

(Eagle County, CO) A dedicated and motivated group of trail enthusiasts, municipalities, business owners, nonprofit organizations and others have created a trail advocacy group to improve the Vail Valley’s soft trail network with the ultimate goal of applying for and achieving an International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) Gold Ride Center designation.

The mission of the newly formed Vail Valley Trail Connection organization is “to become world-renowned for our soft trail network that enables people of all physical capabilities to enjoy the outdoors.”

Vail Valley Trail Connection aims to accomplish this mission through a vigorous public-private partnership, working closely with federal land managers from the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, that includes a countywide effort to enhance the local lifestyle, bring people together and drive economic vitality in the Vail Valley.

“We’ve assembled a very diverse group of trail users, business owners and local governments to work together on this initiative,” said Rich Carroll, Vail Valley Trail Connection founding member and board member. “Turnout at the first few meetings we’ve had has been tremendous – people are clearly passionate about this.”

Spring, summer and fall tourism has become increasingly critical to the success of businesses up and down the Vail Valley. The Vail Valley Trail Connection was formed with a strong business orientation and is focused on increasing the bottom line of its members in addition to enhancing the quality of life for local communities.

Vail Valley Trail Connection strives to:

• Increase the number, mileage, quality and connectivity of soft trails

• Promote trail stewardship and multiuse trails

• Develop a coordinated guide to trails and improved signage

• Create a summer recreation and tourism product that equals the Vail Valley’s winter product

• Obtain an IMBA Gold Ride Center designation in 2015

The organization is structured to work closely with existing nonprofits and all governmental agencies in the county by acting as a business advocacy group for trails and trail users.

“We’ve seen first hand how the new trails recently built in Eagle and Avon have boosted these local economies,” said Jennie Fancher, mayor of Avon. “They’ve improved the quality of life for the residents and visitors alike and injected new enthusiasm for outdoor adventure.”

Businesses and individuals can get involved by becoming a founding member or by joining the Board of Directors. For more information, please contact Yuri Kostick at 970-471-0396 or