Intro to HR

A Vail Valley Works Affiliate Course

Presented by Skill Builder Pro

Module Overview: Intro to HR

Presented By: Skill Builder Pro

  • Skill Builder Pro is a job skills, soft skills and personal development training platform that has over 300 online courses. Vail Valley Works has collaborated with Skill Builder Pro to bundle four curated “learning modules” for businesses and members of our community designed to help you learn new skills or refresh your existing ones.

Format: Online, Self-Paced

Hours: Approximately 3 hours per course (15 hours total)

Intended For:

  • Small business owners with no HR department
  • Managers who perform multiple roles as part of their daily job functions
  • New/inexperienced supervisors
  • Anyone thinking about switching fields to HR

The Intro To HR module includes 5 courses:

  1. HR for the Non-HR Manager: This course is designed for teaching those unaccustomed to HR the essential tasks and the scope of responsibilities they will be involved in while fulfilling their management role. Whether the HR Manager has access to staff positioned to provide assistance or not, students will need to know the essential competencies that impact their role, from management tactics, position analysis, training, and more.
  2. Hiring For Success: Interviewing sounds easy enough: you arrange for a conversation between you and potential candidates, and then select the best person for a particular position. But what if you could refine the process in such a way that you were confident that you are selecting the right person? How do you separate the good from the great, when they have similar work experience and strengths to offer? This course will give you the skills and tools to hire successful candidates.
  3. Giving Effective Feedback: Feedback is an essential element for our growth and development. This course is designed to help workplace leaders learn how to provide feedback any time that the message is due. In this course, you will learn about the essential elements of feedback, important communication techniques, and a framework for informal and formal feedback. You’ll also learn some tips for receiving feedback.
  4. Employee Recognition – Appreciating Your Employees: This session gives you the skills and tools to craft a recognition program that will help keep your most valuable resource, your employees, happy. In turn, happy employees are effective employees, and that can only mean good things for your businesses.
  5. Creating a Positive Work Environment: This course gives you a solid grounding in how you can play a role in creating a positive environment in your workplace. It shows you what a positive work environment is like and how you can help build one, whether you are an employee or a leader in the workplace. This course introduces you to various team player roles and responsibilities and then digs deep into the structure and flow of effective workplace relationships. Here you will learn how to recognize a positive work environment and understand the key elements that are needed to create one.

Pricing: VVP Members: $79/person; Public Price: $99/person

Registration Includes: Access to all 5 courses within the module for 6 months.


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