Lodging Quality Assurance FAQ & Criteria

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Frequently Asked Questions & LQA Criteria

  • What does the new LQA criteria mean for owners and managers? 
  • What is the LQA process?
  • I need to make improvements to my property, and want to maximize my rental income – where do I start?

What does the new LQA criteria mean for owners and managers?

The new criteria are designed to keep up with design trends, technology advancements, and the ongoing improvements in amenities and services in our industry. To stay competitive in attracting visitors to Vail, it is necessary to constantly re-evaluate and update the elements of individual properties. Maintaining consistency and parity across the unit rating system is critical to meet and exceed guest expectations. And of course, the new criteria provide owners with the information needed to maximize their rental income.

What is the LQA process?

The LQA Program has been offered to Vail Valley rental properties since 1999. The program provides a detailed interior inspection from which the unit is assigned a rating of Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze based on a specific matrix of criteria. Units must achieve at least a Bronze rating to be eligible for the program; sub-standard units that do not meet the minimum requirements for Bronze will not be rented. Every eighteen months, the unit inspection must be renewed. The renewals are tracked automatically by the VVP; in addition, owners who have made updates or improvements to their units may request a “re-rate inspection” at any time through their individual property managers.

LQA Inspectors conduct this thorough inspection in each room of a property, using detailed criteria guidelines. Components of each room (such as flooring, walls, lighting, furnishings, etc.) are evaluated for their condition and quality. Once the inspection is completed, a report is issued to the property manager. The report details the elements that have been rated in each room, and assigns an overall unit rating.

LQA criteria guidelines

LQA inspectors do NOT assign the overall unit ratings! The inspectors use VVP software that is designed to weigh the individual unit elements based on guest impact, which then calculates the final rating. The property managers work with their owners to review these reports, and to make necessary repairs and updates. Each property has their own preferences for working with designers and vendors for updating units, therefore LQA inspectors do not make specific recommendations for improvements unless requested. However, if requested, LQA inspectors are available to assist with this process.

Improving and maintaining units at a standard that meets the expectations of visitors to the Vail area translates to more rental income for individual owners, and better overall property ratings. The collective impact of the program is important to Vail’s overall reputation, and in keeping our guests coming back again and again!

I need to make improvements to my property, and want to maximize my rental income – where do I start?  

  • Property owners should first contact their owner liaison or individual property manager to obtain their most recent LQA report.
  • Key areas for improvement and necessary updates will be specified in the report. Working with the LQA inspectors will help property managers and owners prioritize the updates for maximum guest impact, and to improve overall unit ratings.
  • Owners and managers may opt to use the Vail Valley Partnership’s Directory of Certified Vendors and Preferred Service Providers, and are encouraged to do so.
    • Certified Vendors: Our partners who receive this certification are familiar with the LQA program standards, and can make specific suggestions to assist owners in improving their LQA rating!
    • Preferred Service Providers: These partners are VVP members in good standing who provide services that can assist properties with general maintenance and in upgrading their units.

Any questions can be directed to the Lodging Quality Assurance Program Manager, Kay Schneider, at 970-477-4024. We are always available to help!