Marketing Assistant (Seasonal)

Roundup River Ranch

Listing Expires on 04/15/2020

Title:                      Marketing Assistant

Status:                  Summer Seasonal (mid-May – End of October)

The Marketing Assistant will further the mission of Roundup River Ranch by acquiring, organizing, and utilizing photography, videography, and camper/volunteer testimonials during the 2020 Summer Camp season. The Marketing Assistant will capture the magic and spirit of each camp session and will support the dissemination of such information with internal and external parties.

The Marketing Assistant will work 40 hours per week working days and hours that support scheduled camp activities from Mid-May-Mid-August, and approximately 24 hours per week from Mid-August through October.

Job Responsibilities

Support all camp photography and media collection and dissemination at camp

  • Capture the joy of camp through photos, videos, magic moments, interviews, stories, and testimonials
  • Promptly organize and internally share all camp media as it is
  • Act as the photography lead for specific branded marketing/advertising photos (magazines, newspaper, website, brochures, impact report) working with the Marketing Team.
  • Coordinate and manage systems to gather and document magic moments of camp from participants including campers, volunteers, and staff.
  • Work with the Summer Camp Photographer, Marketing Coordinator, and Volunteer Team to support all volunteer photographers in a respectful manner, and ensure their photos are given to camp and appropriately distributed and utilized, including in the camper slideshow.
  • Work with Marketing Coordinator and Volunteer Team to support and assist professional photographers and videographers during pre-scheduled visits to camp.
  • Interview campers, volunteers, summer staff, and others as identified and transcribe
  • Other duties related to media acquisition and distribution as identified by Development and Marketing and Camp Teams, especially during the fall Family Camp season (printing photos in-house, photos during check-in process).

Implement and support all administrative duties related to the use of camp media

  • Systematically organize all media captured in accordance with established systems and
  • Support the sharing of captured with all Roundup River Ranch
  • In collaboration with other members of the team, ensure that media release restrictions are honored and adhered to.
  • Ensure uploaded photos, videos, and stories are clearly marked as being media released so that approved media can be recognized easily by the development

Providing Camp-Based Marketing Support and Assistance

  • Compile information for camp session summaries that will be disseminated to key stakeholders following each camp session using the outline provided.
  • Support the collection and development of activity-specific reports and stories that can be shared with funders to highlight the value of their investment in Roundup River Ranch.
  • Collaborate with Summer Staff specialists to photograph/receive camper artwork which will be used for a variety of Development and Marketing
  • Create a series of camper thank you videos that can be shared with key
  • Participate in and record camp closure activities, sharing information as
  • Determine new and innovative ways to tell the story of Roundup River Ranch and the impact camp has in the lives of children with serious


  • Assist in the coordination of emergency
  • Nurture a culture of safety amongst all
  • Ensure that camp policies related to media are being practiced at

Summer Staff Team Responsibilities

  • Act as a positive role model for campers, volunteers, and
  • Actively participate in staff
  • Be present and punctual for all staff meetings.
  • Integrate and support all volunteers and special
  • Be supportive of other members of the team, and address concerns professionally and with the assistance of the rest of the support
  • Maintain camper and colleague confidentiality at all times and respect the confidentiality of support team discussions/responsibilities.
  • Abide by and comply with all policies and procedures as listed in the staff contract, manual and in staff orientation.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Passion for the Roundup River Ranch mission.
  • Age 19 years old, or
  • Experience in photography (photographing children is a plus).
  • Well-developed written and oral communication
  • Some experience in videography is
  • Creativity and ability to assemble photographs for a slideshow, social media,
  • Ability to interact and work with campers and adults; interviewing skills.
  • Strong collaboration
  • Previous experience working with children and/or special needs populations is
  • Prior camp and marketing experience are a plus.
  • Graphic design experience is a plus.

Essential Functions

Roundup River Ranch camp staff will be expected to:

  • Be able to identify emergency situations, either by seeing them happen, hearing cries for help, or hearing the emergency alert siren and
  • Have the strength, endurance, and physical skills to respond quickly and appropriately to emergency situations, according to written emergency procedures and plans, which may include callings for help, running distances upto a half-mile and watching to see if campers are responding appropriately.
  • Be able to demonstrate or participate in camp activities as they supervise and instruct campers: this will require the ability to walk, sit, climb, kneel, crouch, stoop, and
  • Be able to move items (such as canoes, archery and sports equipment, craft supplies, and bicycles) around in the program areas, and collect firewood: this will require the strength and mobility to push, pull, lift, and carry items up to 50 pounds.
  • Possess the strength and stamina to maintain constant supervision of campers for the duration of the season given one hour off per day and twenty-four hours off per week of work, granted during the breaks between sessions. Such supervision requires the ability to observe what campers are doing when in close proximity, and the ability to hear what campers are saying when nearby by not necessarily within direct visual contact. Stamina includes the ability remain alert, friendly, courteous, and patient for the duration of the staff member’s time at camp.

To apply:

Applicants are asked to complete an online application. The application may be accessed through our website at