HVAC / Plumbing Technician

Human Resources Plus - Grand Lake Plumbing and Heating

Listing Expires on 07/31/2017

Grand Lake Plumbing & Heating located in Grand Lake, CO is a stable and established family business that’s been in operation for almost 100 years! We offer full-time, year-round employment with competitive pay and additional income-earning opportunities, and our employees are provided with health insurance options; paid holidays and PTO; and new uniforms, equipment and trucks.  We do just about everything related to HVAC and plumbing, including new construction projects, replacement and installation of sewer and drain piping, cleaning, excavation, and servicing water well pump systems, water treatment systems, radiant and baseboard heating systems, furnace replacements and HVAC controls

The responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to:

  • Providing general plumbing and heating and drain cleaning services and repairs for all plumbing systems, water well systems, hydronic and forced air heating systems, and sewer systems;
  • Assisting with the installation and repair of boilers, water heaters, well pumps and furnaces;
  • Educating customers on when replacing equipment is more economically beneficial than repairing it, based on sound judgement and experience working with HVAC and plumbing systems;

Minimum qualifications of this position include but are not limited to:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required; a vocational degree in the fields of HVAC, Plumbing or a relevant field of study and/or a journeyman plumbing license is preferred;
  • Three (3) years of verifiable experience in plumbing and servicing, installing hydronic/radiant baseboard, hot water heat systems or equivalent experience is required. Experience earned while attending a technical or vocational school may also be acceptable;
  • Knowledge of and experience with local mechanical and plumbing codes, with the verifiable ability to apply them in real-world environments and situations;
  • The physical ability to perform plumbing techniques such as soldering, pipe threading, drain cleaning, fixture installation, gas leak testing and repair. Applicants must be able to lift at least 100 pounds and be able to sit, walk, bend, reach, crouch and lift objects for prolonged periods of time. Additionally, applicants must have command of all five senses and be able to successfully work within confined and/or uncomfortable indoor and outdoor environments, including extreme cold. Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable applicants with disabilities to perform these essential functions;
  • Intermediate written, verbal and mathematical abilities, including the ability to complete mathematical equations, invoices, time sheets and project proposals. Experience working with tablet computers and Nextstar experience is preferred;
  • A calm, trustworthy and professional demeanor and a strong commitment to great customer service, including the ability to successfully work with customers, management, co-workers, inspectors, and suppliers. Applicants will be required to successfully interact with aggressive personalities competing in a competitive industry;
  • A valid driver’s license and a clean driving record is required.

To apply:

Qualified candidates should click on submit to apply and attach a current resume and  cover letter OR send resume and cover letter directly to jobs@hrplusinc.com.