Community Issues Bootcamp - Session 5: Behavioral Health & Healthcare

Community Issues Bootcamp – Session 5: Behavioral Health & Healthcare

Event date: September 22

4:00pm - 6:00pm

Format: In-Person
Location: Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa (Avon)

Session 5: Behavioral Health & Healthcare

Presented By:

  • Chris Lindley, Eagle Valley Behavioral Health
  • TBD, Vail Health

Description: Whether you live, work or just play in Eagle County, you’ve made a conscious choice to do so thanks to the incredible quality of life and opportunities available here.  However (as with any great place,) there are underlying issues that we can all explore with the goal of coming together around solutions. Community Issues Bootcamp is an opportunity to dive deep into the current issues that are defining the future of Eagle County. Each topic will be led by local and regional experts and features a “takeaway” comprised of information and strategies that you can start to implement immediately around each of these topics.

Intended For: Anyone interested in understanding the factors that affect our local quality of life and the ability to do business in Eagle County. Participants should have a genuine interest in understanding how these external issues affect planning and decision making in our community and what it takes to lead through these challenges.


  • VVP Members*: $500 (Full Bootcamp)/$125 (Individual Session)
  • Public Price: $750 (Full Bootcamp)/$150 (Individual Session)
    •  VVP Member Nonprofits Receive 40% off. Limited scholarships are available for VVP members!

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