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Eagle County Democrats

Address PO Box 3281
Edwards, Colorado 81632
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Democrats in Colorado are about empowering people and protecting the planet because we love Colorado as much as you do!

We understand that quality of life is directly related to having a good job, and access to quality healthcare, affordable housing and a propitious education, without a lifetime of debt.

In our beautiful state we understand that small, local businesses drive our economy and that after a lifetime of hard work, people deserve to retire with dignity and security. We think it’s ludicrous that wealthy, large corporations are considered people. But if they are, then they should live by the same rules as you and I. And that means paying their fair share of taxes.

Equality is paramount for all races and religions and consenting adults deserve the freedom to love and marry whomever they chose. Period. Full stop. And we will continue to fight for racial justice and marriage equality.

Power ultimately derives from the people so the more that people participate the better our democracy works. When you get involved with the Eagle County Democrats you are helping to shape the future of our state and our country. This website provides tips and tools to help get you information, attend events, and take action. Getting involved gives you the change to be the change you want to see in Colorado.

We welcome your input, questions, suggestions and feedback and look forward to partnering with you to help fight for the people, freedoms and values that we hold dear.

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