Story of the Month: Innovative Recruitment Happening at Castle Peak Senior Life & Rehabilitation

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  • Story of the Month: Innovative Recruitment Happening at Castle Peak Senior Life & Rehabilitation

Eagle County is one of four fastest growing counties in Colorado for people 65+ years old. The 2020 population of residents over 65 was 7,199 and it is expected to nearly double to 14,160 in 2035. Additionally, we are in the midst of a 40% increase in the number of people 65 and older affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Needless to say adequate care and services is essential for these folks. Fortunately, Eagle County has Castle Peak Senior Life & Rehabilitation.

Castle Peak Senior Life & Rehabilitation opened in 2016 addressing the lack of access to care for Vail Valley seniors. Seniors previously were traveling to Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, Denver or Grand Junction to obtain senior services, increasing stress on the individuals involved and on their families and friends. Castle Peak recognized it would be a personal loss for these individuals, and a loss for our community, if those who dedicated their lives to making our communities what they are had to leave for the last stages of their lives. To foster a true sense of community, Castle Peak is here so that older residents do not have to be uprooted from the place they call home to obtain appropriate care.

At Castle Peak we offer a continuum of care from Assisted Living to Memory Care to Long-Term Care, and also short-term Physical Rehabilitation for recovery from broken bones. Our key partnerships are with medical providers who work with us on various levels of care and service. We host outdoor concerts for our seniors and partner with churches, volunteer groups, clubs and businesses who provide interactive and inter-generational programs for those living here. It is part of our mission to keep the promise of a place to live and be cared for regardless of physical or financial condition.

Castle Peak is a one-of a-kind non-profit. We are a healthcare provider who gets to build daily, long-term relationships with those we help care for. We track health metrics and celebrate achieving and exceeding the jointly-set goals with each resident. We are a part of shaping seniors’ current life and supporting our residents as they shape the end of their lives.

The #1 obstacle to our being able to care for more people is the region’s shortage of skilled nursing staff. To recruit (and retain) these essential workers to our region, we are leading the way with innovative solutions:

  • Pathways for Career Growth: Without enough trained health workers in the region, we created a program to grow our own. We offer educational opportunities for dedicated employees at any level to take their next step up the healthcare career ladder. We fund their education to earn their QMAP (aide for assisted living), CNA (certified nursing assistant) and TMA (trained medication assistant) credentials. Our goal is to expand opportunities to earn scholarships to become nurses. Developing higher level health professionals benefits the caregiver, their families, and the economic and physical health of our region.
  • International Nurses: Several years ago, we began a process to allow us to recruit and sponsor international nurses. Today, we are seeing the results as the first four nurses and one QMAP became team members of Castle Peak! We anticipate one more joining us this Fall.
  • Employee Housing Benefit: As many businesses have seen, the number one obstacle to recruiting to the Valley is the cost of housing. We have diligently secured access to approximately 20 residential units. This gives us the option to offer eligible employees a limited housing benefit so they can afford to get established in our community.

You can learn more about Castle Peak Senior Life & Rehabilitation at If you know someone who is inspired by older adults, please let him/her know we are hiring and would be so pleased if she or he would apply.