Health & Wellness Initiative

Vail Valley Health & Wellness Initiative Mission
To develop a special, dedicated effort led by Vail Valley Partnership and in conjunction with various municipalities & other stakeholders within Eagle County to brand the Vail Valley as the preferred location for medical tourism and Continuing Medical Education groups and meetings, resulting in increased use of current infrastructure and short term economic growth via increasing tourism.

Vail Valley Health & Wellness Initiative Vision
The Initiative plans to have a broad target market with a focus on partnering with like-minded businesses, employers, business and trade associations, consumer organizations, and economic development organizations whose goal is to increase medical groups and meetings and the Vail Valley’s brand awareness as a health and wellness destination.

Vail Valley Health & Wellness Initiative Objectives
1. Lead economic development and economic growth in Eagle County via medical tourism, specifically via continuing medical education programs and groups/meetings.
2. Establish regional cooperation amongst all stakeholder groups
3. Increasingly connect health and wellness industry leaders to the Vail Valley resulting in increased economic vitality
4. Provide local educational services and programming for the business community via business forums, newsletters and public relations efforts

Stakeholders and interested parties should contact Jeremy Rietmann, Business Development Director at (970) 477-4012.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Vail Valley Medical Center

  • FirstBank
  • Operation Altitude, Inc.