Vail Valley Means Business

When: Thursday, July 23, 2015
Where: Singletree Pavilion in Edwards
Time: 8am- 11am
Cost: $30 for VVP Members, $50 for the public

The Vail Valley Business Forum is the gathering of ideas and innovation. The theme for 2015 is, "Vail Valley Means Business- Building a business-friendly Eagle County".


IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNITY PUBLIC/PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS- A case study of three developments presented by Harry Frampton, East West Partners.

WINNING ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: WHY ATTITUDE AND YUMUTSU (Your Understanding, My Understanding, The Same Understanding) MATTER- Frank Gray, Castle Rock Economic Development.

THE ROLE OF COUNTY GOVERNMENT- County Commissioner, Jill Ryan.

THE ROLE OF MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT- A review of the Town of Vailís efforts in creating a business friendly environment presented by George Ruther, Town of Vail community development.

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  • Climate Control Company