Tourism Impacts on the local economy

The Vail Valley is, without a doubt, a premier destination for vacations, conferences, events, weddings and more. A year-round calendar of events and infinite recreational opportunities bring visitors to the area during every season.

Tourism Pays for Colorado
Tourism is the second largest industry in the State of Colorado. Visitors stimulate the local economy and benefit hotels, meeting facilities, attractions, restaurants, cultural institutions, tour companies, transportation providers, local farmers and countless other businesses.

Overnight visitors to Colorado spent $8.8 billion in 2010. [1]
Colorado welcomed a record 55.1 million visitors in 2010, a 6.1% increase over 2009 and the highest total number ever reported [1]
Colorado's travel industry generated $750 million in local and state tax revenues during the 2010 calendar year. [2]
This represents approximately $395 of tax revenue per household in the state. [2]

[1] Source: Longwood International, 2011
[2] Source: Dean Runyan Associates, September 2011

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How does tourism impact the Vail Valley?

Number of Jobs Supported by Tourism:
34,000 total employees in Eagle County..of which 6,440 jobs are directly supported by tourism

Area Tax Relief:

Economic Impact of Tourism in Eagle County:

  • FirstBank
  • Eagle County Government
  • Vail Valley Dental Care